Artist Talk: Rania Matar

April 28, 2018
Artist lecture and book signing

Join artist Rania Matar as she discusses how, as a Lebanese-born American woman, she has dedicated her artistic practice to exploring both sides of her cultural background, cross-cultural experience, and personal narrative through photographing girls and women both in the United States, where she lives, and in the Middle East, where she is from. Focusing on both cultures is especially important to her because of the current political climate, where the “them vs. us” rhetoric is so prevalent. Throughout her work, and by making intimate portraits of girls and women, she seeks to focus on our essence, our physicality, and on the commonalities that make us human, to emphasize underlying similarities rather than apparent differences.

This program is made possible by a gift from the late Anne Burnett Tandy.

04/28/2018 10:30am 04/28/2018 12:00pm Artist Talk: Rania Matar Amon Carter Museum America/Chicago public